One of the most common household ants you will find is the Odorous Ant. This ant has a smooth hairless body and is usually brown or black in color. The most distinct feature is the smell they put off when they are smashed or crushed. They put off the smell of a rotten coconut, hence the name odorous ant.

How did I get ants?

Odorous ants are foragers and are always looking for a good food source. They prefer sweets and even meats. Their favorite thing to eat is the honeydew that is created from aphids and mealybugs.

Since they are foragers, they will move their colony nest to be closer to their new food source. They prefer to have their nests in warm areas that have moisture near by.  They will find any small crack or hole in your home and make their way in to find food or moisture. They also like to build their nests in rocks or any firewood piles near your house.



How do I get rid of them?

Since they are always on the hunt for a new food source, they will be after any food that is left on dirty dishes or in the sink. They also love little crumbs that are left on the counter, floors, or if the trash isn’t emptied frequently. They will build their nest in landscape beds, walls or under home foundations.

Make sure all dishes rinsed and no food residue is left on the dishes in the sink. Also, make sure food crumbs are cleaned off of the counter areas. If you have landscaping around the house make sure your plants are trimmed back and not touching the house. Make sure all cracks in foundation or around the house are sealed. Having a pest control service come quarterly to treat any landscape mulch or rocks will help deter them away from nesting.

Our technicians will walk around the foundation of the house and try to locate the where the ants coming into the house. They will check inside the house for any sort of attractant and will give you advice on how to keep them out of the house. We will also do a treatment on the foundation and around the areas you are seeing the ants (if applicable).