What is a Springtail?

Springtails are small, wingless, moisture-seeking creatures that are easily mistaken for fleas. They have a spring-loaded body part that is known as the furcula. When they are disturbed they will spring into the air and can jump over 10cm. They can go from an egg form to adult form in 4-6 weeks. When living indoors they can live as long as a year; when living outdoors they may only survive through a season. They will feed on any fungi, algae or mold.


How did I get Springtails?

They tend to show up after heavy rains or will move into your house seeking a damp environment when it is dry outside.  They are looking for a well lit, damp area to feed and reproduce. If you have areas inside your home that have consistent, excessive moisture they will be attracted to it.


How do I get rid of them?

If you are having an issue and feel like you may have springtails, contact us to have one of our technicians come out and evaluate the situation. Our tech would inspect the outside of the house and check for any outside leaks or cracks in the foundation. They will also go over a pest management program with you. This program would cover removing any moisture holding debris (mulch, leaves, etc..) around the foundation, checking any potential problems inside the home and going over ways to keep them from returning. The technician would then be able to treat any areas that may be affected by the springtails.