How did I get mice?

Mice seek shelter in your home because it offers more favorable living conditions than the outside. Your home provides access to food, water, and nesting material readily available with fewer predators to worry about.

How do mice get in?

Mice can squeeze through a crack the width of a pencil and chew through a lot of material, plus they are excellent climbers. They will find any way they can to get into your home to get warm, escape predators and find a good food source. Having unsealed food in your pantry and leaving dirty dishes or food in your trash will attract mice.

How do I get rid of mice?

Our team will identify points of entry that may need to be addressed, offer suggestions on minimizing food sources for the mice and strategically placing traps and bait in your home.

Why use our service?

Mice reproduce extremely fast. A couple mice today may be 10 in a few weeks and in a few months, well I’ll let you do the math!  Mice have around 8 litters a year and can average 4-7 pups per litter. They don’t hibernate through the winter so they if they can find a warm place to live, they will reproduce quickly. Mice are constantly leaving droppings and urine where ever they go which can cause contamination and diseases.