How did I get so many spiders?

The short answer, you have other bugs!

How do I get rid of spiders?

Spiders are hard to control; most bugs groom themselves regularly however, spiders don’t. When insecticide is administered a bug will walk through it and it will either be ingested by the bug after grooming or it will be absorbed into the bugs circulatory system which will kill it. Spiders circulatory systems are different too, when they walk through insecticide it only gets on their feet since their legs are so long. When the chemical absorbs through their feet it doesn’t get into their circulatory systems so it won’t kill them.

To control spiders, you will need a good quarterly pest control plan. This will help control all the other bugs and will help reduce the spider’s food source. You need to control the lighting, your dad was right “turn off the darn light” lights attract bugs, reduce the lights, reduce the spiders! Knocking down the cob webs as soon as they appear will eliminate their way of capturing their food source.

In our Quarterly Pest Program our technicians will pole sweep the eves, tops of windows and entrance areas of your house each time we are on your property for spider webs. We will also spray the perimeter of the house and in the inside to help prevent insects from entering the home and depleting the food source for spiders. The technician will leave sticky baits if needed to monitor any bug traffic. By having our quarterly service it will keep spiders from “hanging” around your home!